The Kingdom of Belgium



  • Tanzania maintains healthy bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Belgium. Tanzania is one of 25 partner countries with which Belgium has longstanding bilateral relationships. The bilateral cooperation activities are based on the Indicative Development Cooperation Programs (ICDP) which are jointly formulated by both parties. The ICDP is the result of a policy dialogue on the Tanzania Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and fits into the country's National Social-Economic Development Strategy Plans (National Development Vision 2020, Tanzania Assistance Strategy).


  • The main sector priorities from a poverty perspective mentioned in the PRSP are developed in the different sector policies and strategies (health, education, HIV/AIDS, agricultural development, local government, legal sector and environment). The ICDP is also in line with the priorities of the Belgian International Co-operation aiming at sustainable human development through the fight against poverty, on the basis of the principle of "partnership" and taking into account the criteria of the relevance to development.


  • The guiding principles of this ICDP are geographical and sectoral concentration of the co-operation activities steered by a step-by-step approach aiming at real partnership and ownership by Tanzania population and taking into account the need for a strong donor co-ordination process led by Tanzania Government.


  • Belgium supports Tanzania in programs and projects to address poverty promote partnership between the people of the two countries, promote good governance etc. The focus of Belgium support in recent years has been the Primary education, Higher Education (scholarships for PHD and Masters Programs), health (HIV/AIDS programs), management of the environment and natural resources, District Development Programs, Promotion of Income Generation activities in poor Regions focusing on support of grass-roots initiatives for the creation of sustainable income, Justice and Good Governance, Transport (railways), Scholarships for PHD and Masters Programmes, water supply, gender mainstreaming, and telecommunication sector, private sector development, human and institutional capacity building, food security and rural development.


  • There is also indirect support through Belgian NGO's working with Tanzanian counterparts to implement various projects in agriculture, Vocational Training and strengthening of rural organisations and own initiatives through cooperation between Universities and Research Institutes.


  • A number of independent Belgium NGOs are involved in various development projects in various parts of Tanzania. Among these NGOs are (i) M/S Cushman & Wakefiled Schools Around the World which donated Euro 1.2mil for the construction of Miono High School in Bagamoyo (a co-Education, Boarding High School specializing in Science subjects); St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Nuns from Belgium who are running the St Francis School in Mbeya which has consistently excelled in National Exams.


Tanzania participates at the annual Brussels Holiday Show "Vacantiesalon van Brussels / Salon des vacances de Bruxelles"