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The United Republic of Tanzania is a unique world class tourist destination that offers a range of exceptional attractions for relaxation, leisure as well as adventure. White sands beaches, snow capped peaks astride the equator, wildlife sanctuaries, world heritage sites, diving and snorkelling, sport fishing, walking safaris, bird watrching etc, there is something captivating for everyone. Tanzania is the bulwark of the natural world nurturing the earth's largest biodiversity of flora and fauna with the largest and most diverse wildlife concentration on earth: from humankind's closet cousins - the Chimpanzee to large mammals that include elephants, lions, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, baboons, antelopes, cheetah, leopards etc to the largest concentration of fish and amphibians: crocodiles and hippopotamus to abundant bird life boasting more than 400 species. Wildlife is protected in a wide ecosystem covering about 1/3 of the country's total area and consisting of national parks, game reserves and marine parks. (visit:

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