Other Investments

Opportunities exist for investments in economic and social enterprises, utilities, infrastructure and services: large scale farms and ranches including wild life ranches; mining; power generation, manufacturing; deep sea fishing, fish processing and canning, fruit processing; railways, roads and bridges; airports, harbours, transportation: road haulage, transit trade and marine services, air services, information communication and technology (ICT); banking and finance, insurance; construction of shopping malls and conference centres, real estate for residential and commercial purposes, hotels and lodges, recreational facilities and amusement parks, sport facilities; water and sanitation services; hospitals and other medical facilities and services, educational facilities: Universities, Colleges, schools, kindergartens and crèches et.

The united Republic of Tanzania is the gateway to the landlocked regions and countries in the Eastern, Southern and Central Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, Malawi and Zambia) and is a member of the Regional Economic Committees (RECs) of East African Community (EAC) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) that together are deeping regional integration and harmonising the large economic space thus offering a huge market and large investment area.

Some of the Contacts include:

East African Community (EAC)

Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

Ministry of East African Cooperation - Tanzania


Today the United Republic of Tanzania is one of the leading economies in Africa in terms of growth and attraction of Foreign Direct Investments.


The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Brussels extends a warm Welcome, "...KARIBU..." to mutually rewarding business opportunities in the United Republic of Tanzania.


More on tax incentives visit Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) is a focal point and a One Stop Centre for investors that coordinates, promotes and facilitates investment in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency (ZIPA), provides the vital services for prospective investors and link to the Government in Zanzibar.
On Investment, please visit Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC).