Banking and Finance



The currency is the Tanzania shilling which is issued in bank note and coins and is convertible within the country. Banking and financial institutions are regulated under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (1999), Bank of Tanzania Act (1995) and Foreign Exchange Act (1995). Regulations in place are the Banking and Financial Institutions Regulations (1997), the Management Risk Assests Regulations (2001), the Capital Adequacy Regulations (2001), the Liquid Assets Ratio Regulations (2000), the Publication of Financial Statements Regulations (2000), the Independent Auditors Regulations (2001) and the Credit Concentration and Other Exposure Limits Regulations (2001). There is a Stock Market - Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange where a number of companies are listed and trading takes place every day.

For details about the requirements for registration of a bank or financial institution and participation in the Dar es Salaam Stock Market please contact the following:

Bank of Tanzania (BoT)

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

Ministry of Finance